Implementation information - MICE Operations


  • Would you like to communicate prices including or excluding the VAT rate to a guest? Or both? For which event type would you like to show prices inclusive or exclusive?

Product range

  • Event types
  • Products, including description and price
    In Excel with the following columns:
    - Product name
    - Product short description
    - Product long description (for widget information and description in quotation)
    - Price excl or incl VAT
    - VAT rate
    - Product Category
  • Packages, including description, price and VAT rate
  • Product categories

Make sure you have enough pictures for your product suggestions.


  • Locations (only for MICE Operations cockpit account), name and address details (for multiple systems)
  • Overview rooms and capacity per set-up.

Structure of packages

  • Timetable of activities
  • Length and frequency of activities


  • General terms and conditions
  • Existing quotation layout
  • Type of work lists


We add standard message templates you can personalize


  • Invoicing address
  • Start invoice numbering
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