Mailchimp integration

Automatically send data to MailChimp via the request module.

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How to activate the link:

In MICE Operations, go to Setup and then to Integrations and Mailchimp.

To activate the link, you will need the Api Key and the List ID.

1. Api key:

Click on the link below to watch the instruction video to create the API Key in Mailchimp.

2. List ID (Audience ID)

  1. Go to the Audience tab in mailchimp.

  2. If you have more than one "audience", click on the "Current audience" drop down and choose the desired audience.

  3. Click on "View Contacts".

  4. Click on the "Settings" drop-down and click on "Audience name and defaults".

  5. At "Audience ID" you will see a code with different letters and numbers. Copy this code and paste it into MICE Operations under "list ID".

At the bottom of the request module there will now be a checkbox mentioning; "I want to receive the newsletter". This way, the recipient give permission to receive your newsletter. The explicit consent of the recipient is required to send a digital newsletter.

If a client ticks the checkbox and sends the request, the following information will be sent to e-mailchimp: e-mail address, first name, last name, event type, chosen location, set-up and package.

The data is sent to Mailchimp with these merge fields:

EMAIL:     e-mailadres
FNAME: voornaam contactpersoon
LNAME: achternaam contactpersoon
EVENTTYPE: naam van gekozen evenementtype
LOCATION: naam van gekozen locatie
SETUP: naam van gekozen opstelling
PACKAGE: naam van gekozen arrangement(en)
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