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Implementation information - MICE Operations

1. VAT

Would you like to communicate prices including or excluding the VAT rate to a guest? Or both? For which event type would you like to show prices inclusive or exclusive? More information

It is possible to communicate prices including or excluding VAT to the client. This can be set per event type. Subsequently, VAT is shown as such in the request for proposal widget, event dashboard, quotes and other documents.

2. Event types

By adding event types you create structure to events and corresponding packages. Besides that, this is the starting point of the route in the request for proposal widget to retrieve relevant packages. Moreover, it is a means for filtering in reports.

A few examples of event types:

  • Meeting

  • Wedding

  • Company party

  • Congres

3. Categories and products


All products and packages can be linked to a category. This simplifies searching products and filtering in the schedule and cost overview in reports, planning and documents.

A few examples of categories:

  • Food

  • Beverage

  • AV


For products, go to setup > products

You can import products with an Excel file.
A basic file can be found here, including most important columns.

4. Packages

A package consists of a structure of an event including activities and products. This forms the basis of what is shown in the request for proposal widget and what can be found in the event dashboard (you can select multiple packages). You can divide the structure into individual products and products in activities.

In the event dashboard, (individual) products can be added at the top (below packages) if they are used throughout the day, such as a beamer. Products added to activities are used for the particular activity only.

Make sure you have enough pictures for your product suggestions. If you add products to suggestions, the client can add these products to the package themselves.

There are a variety of options to structure package prices.
More information

5. Locations

Go to setup > locations

Add locations including setups and a standard price

Use the capacity matrix to quickly and easily add the minimum and maximum number of guests per location and setup.

You can create several room rental variations by using packages.

6. Templates: quotes and documents

Templates can be found at setup > templates.
All information about templates

7. Invoicing

Invoicing settings can be found at setup > billing.

8. Messages

Standard message templates are set. You can personalize these yourself.

9. Cancel reasons

While cancelling an event, the event planner can add the main reason of cancellation and some additional information. The main reasons of cancellation need to be set in advance. Some examples are:

  • Chose another company

  • No participants

  • Too expensive

  • Illness

10. Importing contacts

You can import contacts using an Excel sheet.

11. Images / Pictures / Photos

Finally, add images to products, packages and locations.

12. Translations (MICE Pro)

We recommend to add translations after all information is entered correctly to the system in your own language.

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