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At the start of a day, all upcoming events are displayed on the screen(s) per location. If the event is finished, it will be removed from the screen and if, after that, an event is organized is organized in the same room, this event will be displayed. Thus, one event is shown per location.

Events displayed have the status confirmed or completed.

You will see:

  • Current time(s) and date

  • The logo (can be switched on/off)

  • The locations/rooms (you can decide which will be shown)

  • Time of current and next activity

  • Name of event, group name

The 'name of event' and 'group name' can be adjusted in the event dashboard by turning off 'use this name on notice board'.

There are 2 different themes:



The screens are refreshed every minute.

You are able to create multiple screens.

Make sure the screens are connected to a computer that uses a modern browser, such as Google Chrome. Pay attention! Check that the screens are suitable for long-term static images to avoid burn-in.

Request the module via the chat

Customization on request

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