In MICE, both clients/organisations and contacts are added. Contacts are linked to clients. However, you might want to enter a private customer to the system. How to best enter a private customer?

Also while adding a private customer you should add both a client/organisation as well as a contact. Invoices are sent to the client's email address. Address details are also copied to the invoice. All event related communication, quotations and other documents is sent to the contact's email address.

How to add a private customer?

While creating an event you can create new clients and contacts. As for a private customer you can, for example enter 'Bachelor party Tim' or 'Family de Kort' as a client. You can link multiple contact persons to a client. This comes in handy when you have communication with multiple persons regarding the event. At contact person you fill in the persons name, like 'Tim de Kort'. Tip: First make sure to discuss internally how clients will be processed to keep consistency and overview.

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