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Is it possible to print multiple documents at once?
Is it possible to print multiple documents at once?
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We are regularly asked whether it is possible to print multiple documents from one or more events at once. A document can only be exported separately (per document). However, a planning view can be tailored to function as a document.

Since you can now add variables to a planning view, you can incorporate in it exactly the same information as, for example, the information from a work list or script (document) and you can easily print it out per event, per day, or for several events at once.

These are the differences:

Documents (exportable in an event)

  • One event per document

  • Manually editable per event

  • Can be sent by email

  • Can be shared by public link

  • Exportable to .pdf

Plannings views (exportable in the planning)

  • Multiple events in one overview

  • Exportable per event (day), day or date range

  • Exportable to .pdf

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