Add a picture

This picture is shown in the request for proposal widget at 'more info' next to a product.

There are 3 different input fields for products

Name: Name of the product

Short description: A short explanation about the product (visible for clients, the text format cannot be changed)

Long description: Use the long description field to provide an extensive product description shown in the request for proposal widget and quotes. The text format can be editted, such as ordered lists, bold, italic and underlined text.

Add the price at the correct VAT rate.

Split VAT rates:

It is possible to split VAT rates per product. Select a VAT rate and enter the corresponding price.


1 employee is paid €15,- per houd. The amount ('Price') then becomes €15,-.
At 'amount per item' you can enter 8 and at unit select 'hour' (see image below).

Having set the abovementioned options, automatically 1 x 8 x 15 is calculated. The amounts are easily adjusted via an event. Useful in case the employee worked for less or more than 8 hours. The total costs will be calculated automatically again.

Select a product category. This will show the products under the correct category.

This product is not tied to the number of guests.

Select this option if the product does not need to be multiplied by the number of guests.

Guests cannot select this product.

Select this option if the product needs to be hidden from clients in the clients account.

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