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With the iCal link you can synchronise your planning with your digital agenda or calendar. This is set up easily and we help you with that providing some instructions in this article.

The agenda is read out by digital agenda services where after the agenda is synchronized. MICE has no influence in the frequency and times of synchronization.

Events with the following statuses are synchronized to an external agenda:

  • In option (also expired options)

  • Confirmed

  • Completed

Set up synchronization

First, go to setup and then to Integrations.

Copy the complete iCal url into the grey box.

Google Calendar

Go to Google Calendar and click on the plus '+' sign at 'other agendas'. Now choose 'via URL' and paste the iCal URL

Microsoft Outlook

At the bottom of the page, select the calendar (see image below)

Select add agenda in the navigation pane

Select subscribe on the web
Enter the URL of the agenda
Select import

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