There are 3 different input possibilities regarding the contacts file.

1. Organisations

Organisations consist out of clients and suppliers.

1.1. Clients

Enter the company data of the client here, such as MICE Operations B.V.

After creating an invoice of an event, the client details are retrieved automatically.

1.2. Suppliers

Enter the company data of the supplier here, such as MICE Operations B.V.

2. Contacts

Contacts are persons with whom you have contact from both a client or supplier. Multiple contacts can be linked per client or supplier.

In the case of clients, communication always takes place via the primary contact person; quotations are also sent to this contact person. The primary contact's email address is retrieved automatically.

Contact roles

You can determine contact roles per event. The different contact roles are:

Primary: This is where the messages and quotes are sent towards.

In-house: To indicate who is present at the event.

Other: This is where you add other contacts.

Supplier contacts

In the event dashboard, you can generate worklists and send them to your suppliers' contacts.

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