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Turn on/off messages per client
Turn on/off messages per client
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You can switch on or off whether each client receives certain messages.

Explanation enabling and disabling e-mail messages

After certain actions or period of time before or after an event, messages are automatically sent to the client, these are also sent by e-mail. It is now possible to determine per client which messages they do/do not receive by e-mail.

Go to setup > messages > select or add message

At the bottom of the messages it says 'Send e-mail?'

Always: The message is always sent to everyone by e-mail. It is advisable to set the quotation message to 'always'.

If enabled for contact (person): This option applies if you do not want to send certain messages to a client by e-mail. You can indicate per client whether or not they will receive this message.

Never: The message will not be sent by e-mail.

Set messages per contact

There are three different ways to select the option "Enable all (automatic) e-mails from a contact". You can do this when creating a contact or an event. If this option is enabled, they will receive messages that are covered by "if enabled for contacts".

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