The reports are divided into 5 topics.

  1. Sales reports

  2. Billed report

  3. Revenue reports

  4. Product reports

  5. Cancellation reports

Using the button on the top right (as shown in image below), you can group reports based on particular data. Selectable options depend on the report topic.
The example below shows selectable options in the sales, revenue and product reports.

Likewise, you can create overviews based on particular data by using the filter. Selectable options depend on the report topic.
The example below shows selectable options in the sales and revenue reports.

1. Sales reports

This overview shows how much value of leads has been generated in a certain period and how much of these has been converted per year, quarter and month. In this overview you can see:

  • Total sales value

  • Sales value confirmed events

  • Sales value of cancelled events

  • Sales value of open events

Columns of the sales report:

Total value excl. VAT
All values added up

- Status confirmed


- Status cancelled


- Status open

Average per guest

2. Billing reports

The billing report shows an overview of all invoices, regardless of whether or not they have been paid.

Overview per year, quarter or month:

  • Number of events

  • Total amount ex. VAT

  • Total VAT percentage

  • Total amount incl. VAT

  • Total unpaid amount

3. Revenue reports

The turnover reports show the turnover made or expected based on the date of the event.

Overview per year, quarter or month:

  • Number of events

  • Total turnover value

  • Total turnover confirmed events

  • Total turnover of events in option

  • Average value per guest

Revenue per location

This overview shows the total turnover per location in a period of your choice.

  • Number of events per location

  • Turnover per location

  • Cost per location

  • Profit per location

  • Margin % per location

Revenue per event

In these reports you get an overview of all your events within a self-selectable period, with the information below:

  • Event name

  • Date of event

  • Event status

  • Planner (person in charge of the event)

  • Customer

  • Contact person

  • Event location

  • Number of guests

  • Turnover

  • Turnover per guest

Only in pro package:

  • Cost price

  • Profit

  • Margin percentage

Clicking on the event will take you directly to the appropriate event dashboard.

4. Product reports

Product reports show the turnover based on category, product or event for the time period that you have selected.

Overview per selected date range:

  • Total turnover ex. VAT

  • Total turnover incl. VAT

  • Cost price

Revenue per category

All products and arrangements in the system are categorised. Using the category overview, you get insight into the turnover per category per self-selectable period.

Overview per product and package

Get an overview per self-defined period what the turnover per product, location costs and arrangements are. This gives you immediate insight into how often certain items have been purchased and what the runners are.

Overview per product per event

In order to get a better insight into who has purchased certain products, it is possible to generate a product overview per event. All you have to do is select a period and under each product you will see an overview of the corresponding events. By clicking on the event you go directly to the appropriate event dashboard.

5. Cancellation reports

This overview shows all cancelled events and the reason of cancellation. The reason of cancellation of events are shown in a circle diagram, based on the time period that you have selected.

Overview based on set date range:

  • Event details

  • Total turnover

  • Turnover per guest

  • Reason of cancellation

Custom reports

Make certain information transparent? We also make tailor-made reports. More information:

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