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VAT included or excluded
VAT included or excluded
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Would you like to set the system's standard to inclusive or exclusive VAT?

Go to setup (via the 'gear' icon on the top right) and company details. Scroll down until you see the following (see image below):

Check the option Show prices including VAT by default if you want to display the data in the system including VAT.

Use the system incl.- and ex. VAT

It is also possible to calculate certain events inclusive of VAT and other events are set to exclusive. This can be set per event type.

Go to setup and then to general settings where will see all event types

Select or add an event type and then specify whether the event associated with this event type should be displayed inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

When creating or requesting an event, after selecting the type of event, the amounts are automatically displayed in- or exclusive VAT.

Products and packages

The prices of products and packages are automatically settled inclusive or exclusive of VAT. As a result, 9% and 21% do not give you good rounded off amounts. To prevent this, you can create the products several times.

  1. Create separate categories (e.g. "food business" and "food private")

  2. You can easily duplicate existing products and give them a different price (and a different category).

  3. Make separate package with the correct pricing herein.

Cost overview or scenario in- or exclusive customization in quotation and document templates

The roadmap and cost overview is always displayed by default inclusive or exclusive of VAT, based on the setting of the event type.

Would you like to change the VAT structure for a quotation or other document only? Go to setup and then to templates.

Open an existing template or create a new template.

Move your mouse over the schedule or cost overview. Now, a black bar appears on the right side. Click the gear icon to access settings.

Now you can indicate how the prices should be displayed.

This is also possible if you pick up an offer or document at the event.

Attention! MICE Operations offers the possibility to use the system in- and exclusive of VAT, this may influence the rounding off of the final amount.

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