Change event date

In the event dashboard, click on the 'pencil' icon next to the event name. See top right of the image below.

In the screen that now appears, you can select the new date (in the calendar).

Edit day in a multi-day event

It is now possible to process multi-day events consisting of divergent event days. You are able to edit the date of one or more event days so you can skip days in between.

To do this, click on the 3 dots next to the day you want to edit. Select 'edit day'.

Note that with such multi-day events, the days are all added to one quote and invoice. If you wish to have a multi-day event with a separate quote and invoice per event day, you should create separate events.

Adding multiple days

There are two different approaches for adding multiple days:

Option 1: While creating an event, select a multi-day date range by clicking on the first and last day of the event.

Option 2: In an event. At the top of the event schedule, select a day before or after the event by clicking on the 'plus' icon (see image below) or duplicate an existing day via the 3 dots shown next to the day.

Delete a day

First, select the relevant day. After that, click on the 3 dots. Now you will see the option to delete the day.

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