With the multilingual module you can easily communicate with international clients.

  • Request module possible in several languages

  • Translation linked to products, arrangements, locations, etc.

  • Multilingual quotation templates

  • Automatic messages are sent in the correct language

Multiple Request modules

In MICE Operations Pro you can create an unlimited number of request modules and place them on different websites or landing pages. This way, you can create a request module for each event type so that each theme page on your website can have a request module.

Plan boards

For better operational planning, we have the planning boards, in which you get immediate insight into how many products have been selected in a week, or which groups are in which rooms and which products need to be prepared.

Planboard locations/rooms:

Get an overview of what needs to be prepared in each room or location per event. This allows teams to start preparing immediately.

Planboard products:

An overview of all products, ordered by day.

Margin calculations

You can see the margin of the event immediately after the creation of an event or after a request.

Blocking off days

Block a date so this date is blocked in the request for proposal widget.

Public holidays or memos in application module

Add notes to the planning, such as holidays or other important notifications.

Combination rooms

Link your rooms both individually and in combination to each other for optimum insight into your planning.

Product bundles

Products that consist of different choices? With the product bundles you can select various options, possibly with an extra charge, which is useful with for example:

  • Menu's

  • Buffets with choices

  • Multiple possibilities within a product

Internal activities and products

To indicate a build-up day, time or other internal activities before, during or after an event, we now offer the option to add internal activities.

Internal activities

You can easily indicate an activity as internal. In a schedule, internal activities can be selected separately.

Internal products

Products added to internal activities automatically become internal products. These are added to the total event price, but just like internal activities, can be selected seperately in a schedule.

Package and material lists

The system automatically generates material and packing lists based on the selected products. Items can be linked to the products in combination with a formula. This way, material and package lists are automatically created based on the event's products.

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