After composing the content of the event, it is time to send out a quotation.

Creating a quotation

Go to new quote (bottom left corner in the event screen)

Next, you can choose from several (manually) created templates. The selected template will be created and opened automatically. Its content is generated based on the information from the event dashboard.

Making changes

After creating a quotation, you are able to change its title before saving the quotation.

When you make changes in the script and cost overview, you return to the event dashboard. To do this, save the quote, which remains saved as a concept in the event dashboard documents.

The changes in the template are then saved and the cost summary and script are updated until it is sent.

Images can be changed by clicking on the 'gear' icon and then clicking on the photo. This will take you to the media library where you can see all the photos that are added to the system and where you can easily add new images.

For more information on these blocks, see the page below.

Send quotation

After you click 'send', you first see the message that will be sent to the client. You can still edit the text and you can add an attachment if needed.

Ask for signature?

You can send a quotation with either asking for a signature or not. In other words, you decide whether or not the recipient can sign the quote or not.

Publishing a quotation

It is also possible to publish a quotation. The quotation is not sent to an email address but a public link is generated which you can easily share with partners or colleagues. You can find the option to publish a quotation under the 'more' button in the quotation dashboard.

Validity period

Enter a validity period for how long the event can remain in option.

Then go to Sales at the top of the page.

The client can sign the quotation digitally until the period of validity has expired.

Quotation expired?

Send it again. Click the button below for more information on how to extend a quotation.


Why do I receive a reminder of an expired quote while it's still in option?

We frequently receive comments from users about receiving a reminder of an expired quote while it's not expired and still in option. The reason is often that multiple quotes are created for an event and the reminder is sent for an old, yet offered, quote. After a quote is sent, it can happen that a new quote is required. The old quote remains open, so a reminder is sent when it is expired. To not receive the reminder, make sure to reject or withdraw the old quote manually.

I've manually added information to a quote. How can I get this information in a new quote?

You can duplicate the old quote. Open the quote and select duplicate via the button 'more'. The manually added information is copied and changes to the event are also added to the duplicate.

How to withdraw an accepted quote?
Is a quote accepted and it needs to be withdrawn? Withdrawing an accepted quote is not allowed due to juridical reasons. We recommend to duplicate the quote and then delete it. Pay attention! Any changes to the event are also added to the duplicate.

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