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Creating events using the Webhooks API
Creating events using the Webhooks API

MICE Operations offers a webhook with which you can create events via the API from other systems or websites.

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Pay attention! Before you can continue you will need an API key. You can request this via the chat.


With a request header

Set the X-Authorization request header as follows for each request:

Basic 2dd0da7ed23d170efecab01524b67dad409e57a200130a5123817021191a1

With a query parameter

Add the key parameter to your url as follows:


Request format

The API can only be used with the JSON format.

Error response

"data": {
"page": {
"status": "error",
"status_code": 422,
"message": "Request validation failed",
"errors": {
"locale": "This field is incorrect"

Ondersteunde velden in MICE Operations

  • datetime_start
    Start date and time of the event.

  • datetime_end
    End date and time of the event.

  • name
    The name of the event. We recommend that you always enter an event name. Possibly composed of several fields from the form. See example.

  • group_name
    The group name.

  • noticeboard_name
    A specific name for the notepad.

  • guests
    The number of persons. This must be a number.

  • locale
    The client's language preference. (ISO code, e.g. nl_NL or en_US)

  • reference
    A reference number or code

  • company
    Company name of the client.

  • address_line_1
    Street name and house number of the client.

  • address_line_2
    Additional address line for the client's address.

  • postalcode
    Postal code of the client.

  • city
    Place name of the client.

  • country
    Country of the client.

  • contact_first_name
    First name of the client.

  • contact_last_name
    Surname of the client.

  • contact_phone
    Telephone number of the client.

  • contact_email
    E-mail address of the client.

  • message
    Internal notes at booking.

  • booking_message
    Additional comments from the client.

  • location_id
    In MICE Operations you can look up the ID number of a specific location under management. You can pass on this number to link the event directly to the location or room.

  • event_type_id
    In MICE Operations you can look up the ID number of an event type under management (e.g. Meeting, Workshop, etc). You can give this number to link the event directly to a certain type of event.

  • source
    In the source field you can enter a reference to the form. In this way you can later retrieve in reports how different forms and application modules perform.

Creating an event

POST /api/v1/webhooks/events


name: "Test event",
group_name: "MICE Operations",
locale: "en_US",
guests: 15,
contact_first_name: "John",
contact_last_name: "Doe",
contact_email: "",
source: "Webhook documentation",
extra_fields: [
question: "Any remarks?",
answer: "I would like to have sweet potatoes"


  • 201 – Event was successfully created

  • 401 – Authorization failed (incorrect or disabled key)

  • 422 – Data validation failed

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