Making a mistake is human. This can also happen when drawing up an invoice. For example, there is an error in the address details, but how can you correct this and amend the invoice?

Pay attention! According to the tax authorities, once the invoice has been sent, it may not be changed. It is possible in MICE, but please consult with your administrator!

Invoice sent? We recommend to credit an invoice that is sent already. In case the invoice is not yet booked by the recipient (this needs to be confirmed by the recipient!) you can still edit the invoice.

Invoice not sent yet? Invoices remain in concept form until they are sent. You can edit and delete concept invoices at any time.

Edit invoice

Step 1: Click billing in the navigation bar.

Step 2: Select the preferred invoice. Pay close attention to the filters. You can filter invoices on all, concept, open and fully paid. So, select the right filter to find the preferred invoice. You can also search for an invoice by using the search function that is displayed at the same line as the filters.

Step 3: Click the 'more' button and select 'edit invoice'.

Step 4: Make changes and save the invoice and re-send it if necessary.

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