The (new) digital quotation offers a variety of new possibilities compared to the traditional quotation. Below you can find such possibilities.

Quickly generated, quick response

These days, clients expect a quick response but also agree faster. Thus, it is important that you quickly come up with a proposal. MICE Operations ensures that a request (via a widget or manually created event) can be directly converted into a quotation that can be send out within no time. Optionally, you can edit the quotation manually.

Online signing vs. read, print, sign, scan and send

The long waiting game for receiving an official agreement is over. Previously, a client had to read, sign, scan and send a quotation. MICE's digital quotation minimizes the client's time and effort to sign a quotation.

A video

Audio and moving graphics always work well to convey a certain atmosphere. Therefore, we recommend adding videos to your quotation.


The digital quotation uses tabs, providing overview and peace of mind. Make sure that essential elements of the quotation are not filled in extensively as this creates distraction.

Print view

Less than 20% of clients are still exporting quotations to a .pdf file. Mainly specific pages are exported. The quotation is exported to an A4 sheet size, depending on the quotation's settings. Because of this, the generated .pdf file quite often looks different than the original quotation.

At MICE, we decided to exclude .pdf files from e-mails. This has to do with the fact that this, in most e-mail systems, is shown directly in the inbox overview and leads to a loss of conversion and speed. Attachments too large also tend to not arrive to certain e-mail software or highly securitized business environments.

Mobile version

Last but not least, the digital quotation is also available in mobile version. These days, most emails are opened using a mobile phone (smartphone). The quotation can be viewed instantly.

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