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You can use different package price structures, configurable via setup.

Package price per person

You create a package with a price per person. A price per person is used as default for a new package. You can find this setting at the bottom of the page after opening a package.

Fixed package price

It is also possible to set a fixed package price so the package price is not bound to the number of guests. You can find this setting at the bottom of the page after opening a package.

A fixed package price is even more useful in combination with the new feature to add price tiers to a package (MICE Pro). More information

Product price included / not included

After creating a package and setting the price you are adding products.

You turn on "included": the product price is covered in the package price.

Included products are displayed in the package as €0.

You turn off "included": the product price is added on top of the package price.

Non-included products are charged by default.

A fixed price package is even more useful in combination with adding price tiers. More information


Add product suggestions. These are extra options (presented as photo tiles) for the client to select in the widget (for upselling).

Package prices (package x room rental)

Using this feature the correct room rental price is calculated automatically based on the selected location and package.

Go to setup > locations > location rent and select a location. Scroll down to "package prices".

Compound prices (with multiple VAT rates)

Sometimes, an amount is made up of multiple VAT rates. Think, for example, of a meeting arrangement in which you have to deal with products such as a beamer and room hire, but also catering. In order to split this well, you can make use of compound VAT rates. More information

Packages and price tiers (PRO)

Read more about packages and price tiers via the article below.

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