You can use an Excel file to import products to the product setup. To do this, you should use the columns mentioned below. Add one line per product (split VAT can be added manually at a later stage).

Pay attention! This feature is not designed to export products, make changes to the products and then import the products again. Products will not be overwritten but are rather added as new products.


Short description

Long description

Internal description


Amount per item



Cost price

VAT percentage

Product code

General ledger number

Have a look at this example including most important columns

Units explanation:

* Units:

'' => 'None'

'pcs' => 'Piece'

'g' => 'Gram'

'kg' => 'Kilogram'

'l' => 'Liter'

'h' => 'Hour'

'day' => 'Day'

'crate' => 'Crate'

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