It is possible to fully or partly (1 day) export a planning view to download or print out the planning view. This article briefly explains how to export planning views.

No idea yet what plannings views mean? Then first click on the button below.

Export planning view

It is very easy to export planning views. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to events (via the navigation bar at the top of your screen)

Step 2: Select the list view

Step 1: Select the planning view you want to export

Step 2: Click the 'arrow' icon at the right side of the screen (see image below)

Step 3: A preview is shown. Click on 'print'

Step 4: At destination, decide whether you want to download or print the document

Step 5: Click on 'save' or 'print' to complete the action.

✔ Your planning view is now saved or printed🥳

Export 1 day of the planning view

It is also possible to only export 1 day of the planning view. Move your cursor over the day you want to export after which extra buttons appear on the right side of the day's line. Select the 'arrow' icon to export the day.

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