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Notifications in MICE
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The notifications in MICE are an important element through which the system alerts users to new developments and activities in your MICE account.

The notifications show important details. Where possible, notifications are bundled together, reducing the number of received notifications.

By clicking on the notification you are directed to the relevant page immediately.

A list of all notifications in MICE:

The system sends out notifications during or after the following actions:

  • Document signed

  • Document expired

  • Event assigned (to you)

  • Event request (via the request for proposal tool)

  • Changes made in event (assigned to you)

  • Incoming message

  • Failed message delivery

  • Mentioned in a message (internal notes)

  • Quote signed

  • Quote expired

  • Task assigned (to you)

  • Tasks expiring today

  • Expired tasks

Receive a daily email with personal tasks

Some notifications are linked to tasks. It is possible to receive a daily email with expired and tasks due for today that are linked to you as a user. Check out the following article for more information:

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