Add locations and setups

How do you add locations or rooms to your organisation?

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To add locations and setups, go to setup (via the main menu) and select locations at the left-sided menu and possibly setups.

Tip: Use the capacity matrix (found at setup > locations > capacity matrix) to quickly add setups per location. Otherwise, first start with adding setups so after that, while adding locations, you can select which setups are applicable at a location.


Include the various setups that are possible at offered locations (and capacity). Based on this information, the correct rooms will be displayed in the request module and in location selection.


Enter the rack rate of the location. After selecting a location in an event, the correct price is displayed automatically.

You can indicate price variations in the packages (such as price per part of the day or special rates) at 'package prices'.

Available for event types

Please indicate here what type of events you can organise in the location, so that only the correct type of venues are visible when filling in the request widget.

Disable location

Make sure that this option is selected if you want to deactivate a location. The location will dissapear from the planning and at selection of locations. The location will still be visible in past events and at locations at setup > locations (location name is crossed out).

Location and setup per activity in schedule

A setup is linked per activity. The only option to present this well in a schedule is to select 'activities' and 'location' in the schedule's settings. Below you can find an example of how this will look like.


Which location (if set) is shown in the quotation?

Only the primary location is shown in the location block in a quotation.

I have added the variable 'setup'. Which setup is entered here?

The plenary setup of the primary location is retrieved and used for the setup variable.

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