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How do you manage the available event types in your account?

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Adding event types

Event types allow you to offer more targeted packages. To add an event type, go to the setup environment. Click on event types in the setup menu (under settings).

With VAT settings for products, you can set whether the products and packages should be shown including or excluding VAT. This is mainly used when offering various business and private arrangements. The VAT structure in the request widget and in the event is determined by the event type and/or the setting of your company.

Of course, you can leave this on the Default settings of your company if you do not want to make use of it. This refers to your system's default price display, as set in setup > settings > company details.

Tip! Add several event types, even if they lead to the same arrangements, this will appeal more to the client.

Pro tip: MICE Pro allows you to create an unlimited number of request widgets. Add several event types and create a request widget for each type of event for your website. This way, the client then no longer needs to select an event type.

Deleting an event type

Pay attention! Once you remove an event type associated with existing events, all those events are no longer linked to an event type. This means you miss important information in your reports.

You can delete an event type by following these steps:

  1. Go to setup (via the main menu).

  2. Go to event types in the setup menu.

  3. Click on the bin icon next to the event type you want to delete.

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