After a request via the request module or after creating an event, the event's status is in "not confirmed".

When you send out a quote, the event is automatically "in option". It is also possible to select this status manually. If you do so, you will automatically become the event planner (if no planner has been assigned yet).

When you send out an offer, you specify a period of validity. When this period has expired, the event is given the status of "option expired". After the offer has been resent, the event goes back "into option".

When the event finally takes place, set the event status to "confirmed". The event automatically receives this status when the quote is signed by the client or if the quote is manually approved.

You can set the status of the event to 'completed' if the event is fully completed or invoiced.

Tip: Best practice is to use the status 'completed' whenever an event is fully invoiced. You can filter out events with this status in the planning view.

Did the event get cancelled? After cancellation, all details of the event will be saved and it will be visible to all colleagues that the event will not take place anymore.

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