Before you can use MICE Invoicing read the article 'Activate MICE Invoicing'.

There are 2 different ways to create invoices:

  1. Converting an event into a (down payment) invoice

  2. Create your own invoice

1. Converting an event into a (down payment) invoice

At the bottom left of the event dashboard, you will see if the event has been (partially) invoiced by comparing the total amount with the billed amount.

To create a new invoice click on 'create invoice'. You will be given the option to create a deposit invoice by entering the deposit percentage.

To create a (final) invoice leave the amount to 100%.

Then go to Billing via the navigation bar.

Here you will find an overview of all your invoices and their status.

The invoice you just created can be found first in the overview.

2. Creating an invoice without an event

It is also possible to create an invoice without first creating an event.

First go to 'Billing' via the navigation bar.

Create a new invoice by clicking the button '+ create invoice'

Select a customer and add the products to the invoice.

Pay attention! An invoice cannot be linked to an event retroactively.

Sending an invoice

After creating a draft invoice, you can send it by clicking opening the invoice and click 'send'.

It is not obligatory to send an invoice by e-mail. You can create a definitive invoice by clicking send manually.

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