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WordPress link with Gravity Forms
WordPress link with Gravity Forms

Automatically create events in MICE Operations based on data from a contact form on your WordPress website.

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Pay attention! To link MICE Operations to forms in Gravity Forms, you will need the "Webhooks add-on". This is currently only available with an Elite license. Make sure you have the right license before you continue.

Go to the WordPress admin environment (with an admin account) and choose Forms > Add-Ons from the main menu. Scroll all the way down to "Webhooks Add-On". If you don't have the right licence, you'll see this directly through the red text and "Upgrade" button.

If everything is OK, you will see the "Activate" button. Select this button if you want to continue with the settings.

Then, go from the main menu in the admin environment to Forms > Forms. In the table that appears, you will see the forms of your website. Move your mouse over the name of the form you want to link and then over "Settings". If the Webhooks Add-On is activated you will see "Webhooks" here.

Click on the "Add new" button. This is next to the title "Webhooks feeds".

Attention! Before you can continue you will need an API key. You can request this via the chat.

In the screen below you fill in the settings for the link with MICE Operations. This is an example configuration.

Explanation of the institutions


Here you can enter the name of the Webhook. You will only see this in the admin environment of WordPress.

Request URL

Here you fill in the address of the MICE Operations API. This is the same for all accounts:

Request Method
Set this to POST.

Request Format
This must be the JSON type.

Request Headers
Add one header. Put the name on X-Authorization. The "value" is in the format Basic [API key]. See the example.

Request Body
You set this to "Select Fields". This allows you to link specific fields in your form to structured information in MICE Operations.

Field Values
Here you can link the fields from your form to the fields that the API of MICE Operations supports. "Key" is the name of the field known to MICE Operations and "Value" is the field from your form.
โ€‹Handy: As a value in the Field Values you can also choose the option "Add custom value". This option allows you to put specific information in MICE Operations or to put data in a specific format. In the example above, see the local, name and source fields.

Supported fields (keys) in MICE Operations

View the 'Creating Events using the API' article for an overview and detailed description of the supported fields.

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