Product tiers (MICE Pro)

For MICE PRO users only

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Product tiers are only available for MICE Pro accounts.

If your product prices vary depending on the number of guests, you can add product tiers. The graduated price is automatically retrieved from the total number of guests of the event in the request module (please note: not the product amount).

You can add product tiers to products and packages.

Step-by-step plan for adding product tiers to a product:

Step 1: go to setup via the main menu.

Step 2: go to products in the setup menu.

Step 3: click on '+ add product'.

Step 4: at price, add the lowest graduated price and the correct VAT rate

Step 5: Click on '+ add price tier' and add the number of guests at "from" for the price you add. Repeat this step for all product tiers.

Note that if you change the number of guests in the event dashboard, the product tier will not be adjusted automatically. This can be done by clicking on the edit icon (pencil) next to the product after which you can select the correct price.

VAT split for product tiers

As you may have noticed, you cannot set a VAT split for each product tier. However, this is calculated automatically based on the VAT split set at the base price of the product.

Example: A drinks package costs €20. The VAT split is €10 for VAT low and €10 for VAT high. The VAT split here is 50/50. This calculation is also used for the product tiers.

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