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In MICE, you can add clients and suppliers. to these clients and organisations you can link contacts.

Clients and contacts can be selected when creating an event. The supplier can be selected when sending out worksheets.

Clients can also be created when creating an event or while processing a request.

Manually add clients or suppliers

Step 1: In the navigation bar, click on 'relations'.

Step 2: Choose whether you want to add a client or supplier. This can be done in the menu on the top left. You can switch here by clicking on the arrow on the right (see image).

Step 3: Fill in the data and save

Step 4: Your new client or supplier is now in the customer database and you can add contacts.

Add client or contact in an event

After a client requested an event via the widget, filled company and personal details are added to the event automatically. When a client is new, the system will propose to add a new contact. If the filled details match a yet existing client, the system proposes to link the new contact to the existing contact. For this process, the following details are taken into account:

for clients: client name, email, phone number, address or postal code

for contact persons: full name, email or phone number

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