Sometimes you would like to receive a down payment from a customer for the event.

But how does this work within MICE?

Down payment percentage

Step 1: Select events (in the navigation bar at the top of the page).

Step 2: Click on the event from which you would like to receive a deposit.

Step 3: Click on invoicing at the bottom left of your screen.

Step 4: Check the details and select 'Detailed invoice' if you want to view all products or select 'Brief invoice' if you want a list of VAT percentages only. Usually it is not necessary to send a detailed invoice for a deposit.

Step 5: Choose the percentage of the deposit.

The amounts are calculated automatically.

Step 6: Click on save and now your draft invoice is created

Down payment fixed amount

Sometimes it happens that you don't want your percentage as a down payment but a fixed amount. This is also possible by changing the price of all products. Suppose you want to receive a down payment of 500 euros, select 'brief invoice' and add the down payment amount to one of the VAT rates.

Down payment product(s)

While creating an invoice, you can delete products. You can do this by selecting the 'bin' icon that is shown next to the product (on the right side of the screen).

Pay attention! Make sure to keep at least one original product line so the system recognizes to which event the invoice is linked.

Settlement on the final invoice

All products of the event are displayed on the final invoice.

The down payment(s) are shown as 'deposit paid'.


Why is the invoice not linked to the event anymore?

To ensure the invoice keeps linked to the event, make sure to at least keep one original product line. You can edit this line manually. Make sure you do not delete all product lines and add a new one!

Why aren't all VAT rates on the down payment invoice?

This is because there is no product added to the event with the VAT rate you are looking for. Add a free product to the event with the desired VAT rate or manually edit a product in the event and add the desired VAT rate and a price of €0,-

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