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Compound prices (with multiple VAT rates)
Compound prices (with multiple VAT rates)
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Sometimes, an amount is made up of multiple VAT rates. Think, for example, of a meeting arrangement in which you have to deal with products such as a beamer and room hire, but also catering. In order to split this well, you can make use of compound VAT rates.

Step 1: Go to setup via the main menu

Step 2: Click on packages or products in the setup menu and select a product or package.

Step 3: Go to the price heading

Step 4: Add an additional VAT rate by clicking the 'Extra VAT rate' button

Step 5: Split the amount under the correct VAT rate

Step 6: Save your data

On a quotation, this compound price is not split up but put neatly on one line (the VAT is indicated as var.)

On an invoice, however, the different rates are split.

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