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The CSV file is a universal export file type, used to transfer information to accounting software.

To export a CSV file go to billing via the main menu.

Click the 'export invoices' button at the top right of your screen.

Set the date range

If applicable, turn on 'include invoice item lines'

Finally, click the 'export' button after which the CSV file is downloaded automatically.

Importable columns from MICE

  • InvoiceNumber

  • DescriptionFactuur

  • ClientReference

  • Clientname

  • Address

  • Zipcode

  • City

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Mobile

  • Country

  • TotalExclVat

  • TotalInclVat

  • TotalVat

  • DateSent

  • DatePaid

  • Taxnumber

  • DateDue

  • LineAmount

  • LineDescription

  • LineDeliveryDate

  • LineTax

  • LineTaxPercentage

  • LinePrice

  • LineTotalPriceTotaal

  • LineProductCode

  • LineGLNumber

Visit the manual or help desk from the particular accounting software for import instructions. This varies per software.

Change column values

After exporting the CSV file you can open it. Are there elements you want to replace? Use CTRL + H to replace them.

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