You can find all information regarding quotations in the quote's dashboard.

Public link

We made it easy to share a link to your quotation by copying the public link shown (on the right side) in the quotation screen. You can easily paste this link in a message.

Add notes

Found below the public link, you can find a section to add notes about the quotation. This note section is for internal purposes and cannot be seen by the client.


Found below the public link and notes, you can see the quotation's history showing all executed actions of a certain quotation.


On the screen, above the quotation, you can find the button 'more'. Select this button to be able to accept, reject, duplicate, archive, create task for, and delete the quotation.

Download quotation

Next to the 'more' button you can find the 'download' button. It allows you to download the full quotation or a separate tab (digital quotations only). You can download specific parts of the quotation rather than having to download the entire quotation. This may apply when you, for example, only want to print the cost overview.

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