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Feedback, integrations & customization
Feedback, integrations & customization
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Using MICE you might have all sorts of great ideas for new features we could implement. Luckily many users share their ideas with us. Of course, we are not able to develop all requested features so we are urged to decide which features need priority and will be added to the roadmap.

What do we take into account?

  • The feature's impact: If the feature helps to save time and money on a daily basis, this feature will be prioritized instead of a feature you only use once per month.

  • Request frequency: A feature requested by 100 users outweighs a feature requested by 2 users only and would therefore be prioritized first.

  • Does the feature fit MICE's philosophy?

  • Time versus advantages: Certain features can be developed relatively quick, but the time saved by users is also minimal.

  • Multiple other reasons: Legislative changes (GDPR), stability, security, market development, external parties, etc.

The Roadmap

With the roadmap we outline what is being developed for the coming period. We do not communicate any order and development terms as it is not feasible to plan in advance and we want to stay flexible. If we are not happy with the end result, a redevelopment might take place so we can work on the best possible solution.

Is there an option to speed up development of important features?

You can request feature customization if something is really important for you and you want it to be developed as soon as possible. Do take into account that we only develop features that benefit all users. If your request meets this criteria, we will send you an estimation of how many hours we think are needed to develop the feature. If you agree on this, we add the feature to the roadmap with appropriate priority. The feature will eventually be available for all MICE users.

Feedback and customization requests can be sent to or send us a message in the chat.

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