We register all feedback received from our customers. We compile a roadmap based on received input. For each request, we look at the frequency of demand, how much effort is required and the size of impact if we would implement the solution. Last but not least, the solution has to fit within the philosophy of MICE operations.

Customization functionalities

Does your organization have specific needs? Customization functionalities can be the solution. We are happy to discuss with you the purpose and impact of usage within our system.


MICE Operations has several partners who develop integrations. These activitities are outsourced to external parties who have great knowledge and expertise in developing such integrations, which results in more effective and fast integrations. Our partners are familiar with associated challenges. Based on your needs, our partners will set up an estimation.

We also look at how great the actual time gain or efficiency gain is if you opt for integrations compared to using different systems side by side. The options for forwarding information are often limited, or a synchronization can only take place a limited number of times a day, resulting in the fact that you have no insight into the current adjustments.

In many cases we, and quite a few customers, notice that the advantage of the integration does not outweigh the actual time savings and costs. Often an integrations also comes with limitations. MICE Operations is very flexible, unlike, for example, a cash register system or accounting program. This could mean that certain functions in one of the systems have to be eliminated, which can lead to loss of time in other processes. These limitations do not outweigh the benefits. In addition, MICE Operations has various export methods to easily transfer data to another system, such as Excel, CSV and UBL (.xml).

Feedback and customization requests can be sent to

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