Before you start:

There are two different task overviews:

  • The task list

  • The kanban overview

Switch between these overviews by using the buttons as shown below.

Creating kanban boards

A kanban board clearly displays in which phase a task is currently in which allows you to work out a full process.

You can create several kanban boards by clicking the 'plus' icon in the kanban overview (see image below)

After that, give the kanban board a name and enter the different stages.

After saving the board, it is now ready to use.

In the final kanban phase you finish the task.

Adding labels

You can easily find and organize tasks by using labels. Such labels can be added and assigned with a colour in the task (at new label). The colours are also shown in the overview.

Functions in tasks

  • Task name

  • Task description

  • Add attachment

  • Kanban and stages

  • Assign to an assignee

  • Expiration date

  • Link to event, organization and contact person

  • Labels

Where to create tasks

In the task overview

Go to events and click on tasks to see the full task overview.

You can search and filter tasks based on:

  • event planner

  • labels

  • event

In the event dashboard

Go to the event dashboard and select tasks. Now you will see a task overview including tasks belonging specifically to the event. Click on '+ New task' to create a new task on the task board. This task is linked automatically to the event and relation.

At a quotation, document or invoice

Select 'More' to create a new task

The document is now an attachment to the task.

While sending a quotation, document or invoice

Select the option at the bottom that appears when sending out a quotation, document or invoice.

The document is now an attachment to the task.

Expired tasks: archive

All tasks finished are in the final kanban phase. Do you want to delete such tasks from the overview? Select 'archive' (see image below).

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