In MICE Operations, you are guaranteed of having a clear overview of which rooms are available or where and when an event is planned.

Create an event in the occupancy overview

It is best to create an event in the occupancy overview. The occupancy view is accessible by clicking on the overview button, as shown in the image below.

In the occupancy view, you can see directly at which locations an event is organized. You can create an event at a certain location by clicking the 'plus' icon that appears while moving your mouse cursor over a box (see image below) of a future date.

You can also choose to include, for example, all event requests in the occupancy overview. To do this, go to the planning filter (see image below) and make sure that the status 'unconfirmed' is turned on.

Checking availability

When assigning a room to an event, you see which rooms are available. By clicking on the event notification, you can immediately see which other events are planned.

Planning multiple events in the same room

It is possible to plan several events at the same venue and time since you can add multiple options in the system.

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