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Private activities and products (PRO)
Private activities and products (PRO)

For MICE Operations PRO users only

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Private activities and products

We now offer private activities and products to specify build-up days or a time before, during or after an event including corresponding products.

Internal activities

Internal activities are used to easily specify activities. Internal activities can be selected individually in a schedule.

Internal products

Products added to internal activities are automatically internal products. Such products are added to the event total and, just like internal activities, can be selected individually in a schedule.

At the dashboard

First, create an activity.

After that, click on the 'lock' icon (at the top right of the activity). An internal activity is now created.

At the planning

Full light colour: a build-up/dismantling day

When only internal activities are planned on a day

(Dark) status colour

Times of the regular event program

Light colour below the regular times

In case internal activities take place before or after an event

In quotations, documents and working lists

Internal activities and internal products can be switched on/off in a schedule and in a cost overview.

If you switch off internal activities and turn on internal products, the products are added to single products (products not connected to an activity).


Variables startdate/time enddate time only take into account the day and time of regular activities (so no internal activities).

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