Do you want to (partially) cancel sent invoices or does a contact owe money? In MICE you can easily fully or partially credit an invoice following the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the invoice (via billing or via the event).

Step 2: You are now looking at the invoice. Click the 'more' button and select 'fully credit' or 'partially credit'.

✔The invoice is now credited🥳

Partially credit an amount of products

Do you want to credit just a part of the total amount of a product? That is possible.

Choose partially credit and select relevant product lines. Now you can adjust the product amount or unit price.

Concept credit invoice

Just like regular invoices, a credit invoice is in concept status until it is sent. This way, you can still edit the invoice in the meantime.


Why is the credit invoice not linked to the event anymore?

To make sure an invoice stays linked to an event, you need to at least keep one original invoice line. You can edit this line if needed. So, make sure you do not delete all invoice lines!

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