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With MICE it is possible to communicate with the client and colleagues via the message section. Messages arrive in the MICE account, at the private email address of the contact (if set correctly) and possibly at a set BCC email address.

All communication is collected in MICE messages so no one misses information. In this article we explain the status of messages so, if, when en to whom messages are sent.

View details

You can view message details in MICE. Do this by moving your mouse over the message where after you see 3 dots appearing on the right side of the message. Click the 3 dots and select 'view details'.

For outgoing messages via MICE you can see below the message when and to how many recipients the email is sent. After clicking on 'view details' you can see the recipients including their email address, and the date and time of sending out the message. In case a BCC email address is set, it is also shown.

In regard to incoming messages (replies via email), no recipients are shown.

E-mail rejected

In some cases it might happen that an email is rejected and not delivered at the contact's email address. In MICE, you receive a notification (see image below). In most cases, this has to do with an incorrect email address, a full inbox, or the e-mail server being down.

In the message section you can also see that the message was not delivered to an email address. An orange danger sign is shown. If you click on this sign you can see more information about the rejection.

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