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Text formatting options
Text formatting options
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The format/style of texts in quote and document templates can be edited to your needs. This article explains the different options of text formatting.


You can set a different font for headers (H1), sub headers (H2) en plain text. All available fonts in MICE are Google Fonts.

Text format bar

Whenever you want to edit text in documents, the menu bar as shown below appears on the screen.

H1 & H2

These are options to change the text to headers. Whereas 'H1' is used for main headers, 'H2' is used for sub headers. An advantage of using these features is that you can edit the text style of the headers via the 'styling' button shown at the top right of the document while editting (see image below).

B, I, U, S

Every letter has its own functionalities and applied characteristics to the selected text.


With this option you decide how the text is aligned according to the width of the document paper.


The drop icon represents choosing a colour to the highlighted text or background of the highlighted text. You can add a customized colour by using a HEX color code, such as '#0088dd'.

Bullet points (unordered and ordered list)

When you highlight a text and select one of these two options, the text is placed in an unordered list (option 1) or ordered list (option 2).

Add (URL) link

The chain icon represents adding a (URL) link to the text to make it a hyperlink. After selecting this option, you will see the menu as shown below. Enter the 'URL' link and at 'text' you decide which text is shown. Select 'open in new tab' if you want the link to be opened in a new tab (screen) after the reader clicks on it.

Add table

Via the icon above you can add a table to the document. After clicking the icon, you can decide of how many rows and columns the table exists. Do you still want to change this later on? No problem, then click on a field in the table. You will now see extra table formatting options.

The text format bar can also be used in tables. This can be done in various ways:

  • Move through the fields by using the arrow keys on your keyboard

  • Click on a field and click 'tab' on your keyboard to move to the next field

  • Hold 'Shift', 'Ctrl' or 'AltGr' on your keyboard and then select a field

Clear formatting

The gum icon stands for 'clear formatting'. Use this to reset the font style of the highlighted text to the standard font used by MICE. Useful to use whenever you copied texts from other sources and want to have only one font in the document.

Insert variable

The 'magic wand' icon stands for inserting variables while creating templates or editting documents in concept. Variable information is retrieved from the event information after saving the document.


I've got different fonts in mijn quote/document. How can I fix this?

Select the text and use the option 'clear formatting' (gum icon) as described in the article above. The fonts are recovered to the standard font in MICE.

Can I upload fonts in MICE?

It is not possible to upload fonts. In MICE, you can use Google Fonts, from which all fonts are available in the system.

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