It is now possible to approve documents in MICE. Let a customer or supplier approve a document to confirm they have received, read and approved the document.

Setting up document e-mail

Before sending a document for approval, you first need to set the 'e-mail: document' template and add a (variable) link to the document so the recipient can actually open the document via the received email. To do this, go to setup > messages. Add a new message and choose 'E-mail: document' (or edit this message if it exists already). Now, add this variable to the email's text: 'Click here to view document'. Save the message template.

Sending a document for approval

Go to a document. Click on 'send' document after you created a document in an event. Before sending out the document, you can edit the message's text.

Select the option 'Ask for signature?'

After that, you can set the period of validity.

You can change the standard period of validity via setup > settings > general settings.

Pay attention!

In case changes are made to the event, the document keeps getting updated until it is approved.

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