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Split prices with various ledger numbers to integrate MICE seamlessly with your accounting package.

A rate group in MICE is simply a combination of a VAT rate, ledger number and convenient description. Just like the accountant, your event planners will know how and where to register prices.

A product or package price can be split using different rate groups, without the split being presented to the client in quotes and invoices.

Example of rate groups in a product

A rate group consists of:

  • Description

  • VAT rate

  • Ledger number

1) Description

You can add a description to a rate group to make clear which products can be linked to the rate group. An example of a description is 'beverage high'. The event planner will know which product prices to link to the rate group.

2) VAT rate

You can add the VAT rate yourself. After creating a rate group it is not possible to change the VAT rate afterwards.

3) Ledger number

By changing the ledger number, changes are applied immediately to all products linked to the rate group.

Adding and setting up rate groups

To create a new rate group go to setup > products > rate groups.

Click the button '+ add rate group'

Archived rate groups

To secure the integrity of existing events, it is not possible to delete rate groups. If a rate group is no longer relevant, you can archive it. The rate group is no longer available for usage but can be restored from the archive if needed to make it available again.

Visible in event dashboard and invoices

In the event dashboard rate groups are visible at every product and package added. In an event, edit a product or package to see its rate groups. At in invoice, you can see the rate groups in the preview (before actually saving a new concept invoice) and by editing the invoice.

Multiple rate groups per product or package

It is possible to use multiple rate groups per product or package, also rate groups with identical VAT rates. At the invoice, these are bundled per VAT rate and shown on one invoice line. In the export file all VAT rates are split.


What happens when I edit a rate group?

If you change the name and/or ledger number such changes are applied immediately to all linked products and packages.

Can I change to VAT rate of a rate group?

No, it is not possible to change the VAT rate of a rate group to prevent prices being changed in your account.

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