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How do you set up arrangements?

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To add a package, go to setup > packages > '+ add new package'

Add the name of the package and perhaps a description. Add the price by entering the amount in the box including the correct VAT rate. It is possible to break down the amount into different VAT rates.

Add single products if you would like to add products that are not linked to an activity but to the full day (e.g. room rental or a beamer). Up-sells/suggestions that are presented to clients as suggestions can also be added here.

Note that these suggestions are presented in the request module (not for quotes).

Tip: Want to add a suggestion to a quotation? Add the product (in the event dasboard) and adjust the amount to '0'. Additionally, you can edit the product description and add, for example, 'optional'.

Below the package name and description, you can see a timeline. Click "+ add activity" to create a new activity.

Enter the name of the activity (e.g. arrival or lunch) and adjust the times accordingly. Products can now be added to the activity. It is also possible to add up-sells/suggestions, these products are offered as suggestions to the clients in the request module.

Included / excluded

When products are added to a package (to an activity or as individual products), the above below is displayed.

If it is shown green (included), the product price in included in the package price. If you turn off this option (excluded), the price of the product will be added on top of the package price. An example of this are room rental or other facilities or products that are obligatory to purchase or rent.

Available for event types

Select the event types that are suitable for the package. Don't select an event type if this package is available for all event types.

Available for locations

Select the locations that are suitable for the package. You can indicate the costs for each location in combination with the package (this can be done at setup > locations). Don't select any locations to make this package available for all locations.

Available for group size
If the package is only suitable for a certain number of guests, set the minimum and maximum number of guests yourself. Subsequently, if the number of guests during a request varies, the package will not be shown. This is also useful if the price structure of your packages depends on the number of guests.

Tip: We recommend to always have a package available for any group size so you can be sure something is offered to the client in the request for proposal widget.

Fixed package price

Select the option 'the price of this package is not linked to the number of guests' to set a fixed package price instead of a price per person.

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