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Setting up document templates
Setting up document templates

How to set up and edit quotation and document templates?

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With the quotation editor you can easily create digital quotations.

Set up templates

  1. Go to Manage and click on Templates in the left menu.

  2. Click on + New template

  3. Give the quotation template a name.

  4. Press + Add a block to add a field


Set the font separate from the title (H1) and subtitles (H2) that you can select in the text box and cover page.

Cover page

Add a cover page over which you can place the text (see above description under text block to format the text). You can easily create an A4 cover page with several free and easy to use tools, one example is

Text block

At the top of the page there are several formatting options to edit the text in the quotation. Make the text bold, italic, underlined or crossed out, summarize words or phrases and add links to your quotation.

Click on the icon above to place variable information from an event in your text box. There are several options available. For dates and amounts, you can also set the desired format for display.


Select the 'gear' icon, and click on the gray box to add a photo. Select Bleed if you want to place the photo across the entire width.

You can easily create edited photos and photo collages using a variety of free and easy-to-use tools, such as

Cost overview & Turnstile

Select the 'gear' icon to customize the table properties to your needs. You can add a cost overview and script with different properties several times per quote.

Filter products by selecting the desired categories in the roadmap or cost overview at the bottom of the overview when selecting a category.

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