Processing products and packages

You can edit products and packages in the event without having to modify them in the products and packages management. Only do this if it concerns a small deviation from the original product or package.

Only the original product names will be shown in the reports.

Enter contacts

Discuss with your team how to put data in the relationship file. For example: How to enter a phone number? Like 06.... or +316...

Set up agreements for tasks

Set up agreements for creatings tasks so that any additions are identical and the same terms are used. Also agree on who is responsible for certain tasks.

Adjust price or discount?

You can adjust the price of a product. However, it might look better if you create a product 'discount' with a negative amount.

Agree when you enter a certain event status.

Some statuses are created automatically after a certain action, but almost all statuses can also be selected manually. So make sure to agree on when an event goes into option or when an event is finished.

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