You can give clients limited access to your MICE account. For this purpose, a special environment has been developed where they can only view data from their own event(s) to which they are allowed access. Clients can also send messages via the message tab of the event. The client cannot edit any data!

You can set up an account for a client:

- while creating an event or

- at a later stage in the planning process. Edit the event.

It is possible to add multiple contacts to an event (as shown in the image below).

Have a look at the image below to get an idea of how the client environment looks like (you can expand the image by clicking on it).

Note that the client is also able to view internal activities and products as well as comments and internal memos.

Private notes in the event's message section are not visible to the client.

Automated messages for inviting clients

At setup > messages you can set up two automated messages that are sent automatically after you allow a client access to an event:

  • E-mail: invite new user for new event

  • E-mail: invite existing user for new event

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