Multiple timelines

To simplify planning complex events, it is possible to use multiple timelines. Each timeline represents a location.

You can add one location to an activity. If you want to assign multiple locations to an event, you can do this by adding multiple activities and assign a location to each activity. This way, it is clear to everyone within the organization which activities is being held at which location.

How to select a location

After creating an event and selecting a package or creating an activity, you have two options to select a location.

Via the schedule view. Do this by clicking on the 3 dots '...' next to the location name, displayed next to the event's timeline.

Via the timeline view. This is done by clicking on the 3 dots '...' displayed above the timeline (see image below).

Next, you will see the screen shown below. Select a room that is available. If you want to see its specific occupancy, click on the orange mark.

It is also possible to change a location for each activity. Do this by clicking on the activity followed by clicking on the location name (in the top right corner).

Add multiple days

At the top of the timeline, you can add a day before or after the event, using the 'plus' icon(s) next to the date (see image below).

Or duplicate a day. To do this, click on the 3 dots shown next to the day (see image below) and select 'duplicate day'.

Change location of an activity

Each activity can be assigned with a location. Standardly, the event's location is taken. To change the activity's location, go to the activity and click on the location name. Now you can change the location and setup. In case a selected setup is not possible at another location or if a location is already occupied, this is clearly shown (as can be seen in the image below).

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