Multiple locations
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Multiple locations

If you work in multiple branches with different concepts, it is advisable to use multiple accounts linked to the cockpit account.

Working with multiple accounts

If you have multiple locations and organizations it is recommended to make use of a cockpit account. Each team has its own account in which multiple company's specific options can be presented and to which they can add internal users. Each user has their own overview of events, planning, occupancy, but also quotes, working lists and reports.

Each location has its own widget in which the rooms and their capacity are presented. Present specific offers including products of the location. The offer is presented based on the input the applicant fills in during step 1 of the widget.


Get overview of all events and activities of all locations with the cockpit account. To easily scale up, you can always add new locations to your cockpit account.

The cockpit function has the following functionalities:

  • Planning and occupancy view (one or all locations)

  • Inbox (overview of all requested events)

  • Search function (quickly search events on multiple locations)

  • Quickly switch between (location) accounts

  • Relations are shared between accounts

Below you can see the differences if you work with 1 or more accounts

Working with 1 account:

  • One planning (events overview)

  • One assortment

  • One administration (one invoice numbering)

  • One report

Working with multiple accounts linked to a cockpit account:

  • Each location has its own users

  • Insight into planning and occupancy (all branches or one)

  • Archive (all past events from multiple branches)

  • Inbox (overview of all events requested via the application module)

  • Search function (quick search for events in multiple locations)

  • Fast switching between the different branches

  • In addition, all CRM contacts are shared between the sites.

  • Planning per site and total planning

  • Reporting per site

Contact us if you are interested to start using a cockpit account.

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