For better operational planning, we have the planning boards in which you get direct insight into how many products have been selected in a week, which activities take place at certain locations, and which products need to be prepared.

But how does it work exactly?

  • Click on 'events' at the top of the menu bar

  • On this page, you can see your planning

  • Click on the three dots next to a particular day (as shown on the image below)

  • You can choose planboard locations or planboard products

Planboard locations

Get an overview of what needs to be prepared in each room or location per activity per event. This allows teams to start preparing immediately.

Planboard products

Here you get a weekly overview of all the products you need that week.

This way, all products from all events are added up so that you can see the quantity of each product at a glance.

You can filter this overview by product and by status of an event. So make sure you filter out the cancelled events in this overview.

*Please pay attention:

Products that have been edited in the event will not be included separately, only original product names.

All plan boards can be exported as pdf.

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