Depending on the goal, you can display the planning view in various ways.

The following displays are available:

1. The planning (list view)

In the planning view, all your events are listed below each allowing you to see upcoming events at a glance. In addition, you can create personalized overviews (add and edit planning views).

2. Calendar view

In the calender view, all events are displayed in a calendar. You can choose whether you want a weekly or monthly overview. The convenience of using the calendar display is that you can immediately see how many events are being organised.

3. Occupancy view

The occupancy overview allows you to see which rooms you are using that day at a glance. You can see the occupancy and availability of each room for a particular day, week or month. Events held in multiple locations are displayed clearly as well.

By creating an event in the occupancy view (by clicking the plus icon in the schedule) you can create a new event (future events only) that is immediately scheduled at a location.

Default display

By clicking the MICE logo or 'events' in the main menu you are always directed to the most recently visited planning view.

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